Spring Break

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, spring break started off with moving offices…. I had a bit of confusion when it came down to which office I am to move in to. At first, I was supposed to move into 331C, which was at the very corner of the Computer Engineering Group’s new space. When I went to key control to get the key, they couldn’t find it. After some digging around, we found out that there was already two students in that office, so they had to find another one for me. So, then I was assigned 331E, a very large window office. Then they brought up the concern that if they hire a new faculty candidate, they would have to give him/her that room, and I would have to move again. Finally, I was assigned 331D, my final office, but there was a bunch of cubicle walls and other furniture in that room, so the movers had to move all of that out first. In the end, I got a slightly larger window office, but a worse view. At least I can tell when it is raining or not, so it is not a terrible loss. I am sure I will enjoy having more space though.

I then went up to Fort Worth to visit my grandparents. It was nice to see them again since it had been a few months. They had a dead hard drive for their backup system, and so instead of replacing the whole external unit, we went to Fry’s and just replaced the drive. That saved about $100.

While I was there, my Aunt Cindy’s mare, Jill, gave birth to a new colt. I took several pictures of him trying to stand up for the first time, but the pictures I took the next day were far nicer to show:

This was one of the few pictures I could get without Jill running off and the baby colt following her.

Lastly, when I got back, I talked with James for a bit. At one point on the phone, he said he would like to continue the conversation over IM because he didn’t want to wake up Anne. When I inquired, I found out that they actually got married in Jan. I guess that is yet another one of my friends to mark off as no longer being single.

Anyway, off to start a new week of school. Wish me luck.