Interviews and Scams

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, MS has changed their mind… They want me to go to Silicon Valley instead of Seattle. I have to say, it is likely a much better place to go, so I am not really complaining. It was just interesting how they made the travel arrangements for me to go to Seattle before it all got straightened out. Interestingly enough, the trip to Seattle was supposed to be on a puddle jumper from CLL (College Station) to DFW, then direct to Seattle. The flight to Silicon Valley is the puddle jumper from CLL to IAH, and then direct to San Jose. Looks like a much better flight IMHO.

I checked the mail today (yes, I do check it despite the high level of junk), and I got an interesting scam. It was a “prayer rug” from “saint matthew’s church” it tulsa. I suspected it was a scam before I even opened the envelope, and my suspicions were confirmed when I looked inside. At least it was worth a laugh, but it is quite scary when you consider the fact that some are so desperate for things, they will fall for this. My favorite was how they stressed this was an old church, 55 years. Anyone who knows anything about churches knows that 55 years is not an old church. An old church is one which spans several generations, not just a few.

Anyway, the first week back is off to a start. We will see where it leads.