Thoughts and Ramblings

General things I find of interest.

I have done quite a bit of programming in my time.

I started programming when I was still in elementary school, and grew from there. My professional programming work:

  • Starting in the summer of ‘96, I started working at Los Alamos on the IAAP Project (Sorry, all websites on it have disappeared in the wake of the contract change at Los Alamos). I continued work on this project each summer until 2000.
  • In 2000, I also worked on the Sofia Project (webpage is gone).
  • In 2001 I worked on the Parsim Project (webpage is gone).
  • I started working full time at The Texas Center for Applied Technology (webpage seems to have inexplicably disappeared) in 2010
  • I have worked for Plex since 2015

Old projects I worked on in my spare time:

  • I was tired of the fact that there was not decent AC3 decoder for Quicktime on intel macs. I took an existing project, and created an entire trac setup and repository for it which has since been converted to a GitHub project.
  • A friend of mine was upset about the poor choices for playing AVI files and its associated codecs on the mac. So we started to work together on the Perian Project, which is hosted on this same server. I created a small page dedicated to my work on this project.
  • The AppleTV’s interface and capabilities are far too limited, so a friend and I started working on Sapphire which is a plugin for the AppleTV and FrontRow. It can scan files in directories, and based upon the name, fetch metadata for TV shows and Movies. In addition, it can create nice virtual directories for browsing a TV show or Movies no matter where they are actually located.
  • I worked on Fire a great deal. In fact, I actually create a separate page for it. The project is now dead in favor of Adium.
  • When I bought a Kyocera 7135, I was upset that the ringtone converter didn’t work on the mac, so I created one.