Sometimes you just got to laugh

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I got this 419 scam today, and I decided to read it critically just for fun. I started to laugh at some of the word choices, so I decided to share (emphasis mine):

Dear Sir,

No name, OK

I am a solicitor and I am the personal attorney to Late Mr Alex Tamu.

Wow. Tamu is a person and not just an acronym for my university?

I am writing you to receive this funds 9.5m$ before it is seized by the bank where the funds is deposited.

A $ precedes the amount in English, also plural forms of words should be used.

Due to intergalactic and unsolicited email.

Wow, when did we leave the galaxy? Is this an email from Andromeda? Also, period should be a comma.

I will advise that we discurse vivdly on phone.

Discurse? Is the money cursed or something? Does talking on the phone lift this curse? Vivdly? Did you mean vividly?

Please write me your phone number / fax number for more discursion to my email adddress (

Hmm… you want my phone number to discus this on the phone, but how can we talk vividly over a fax machine? Discursion? Is this the process of removing a curse? Maybe the money is cursed after all. Adddress? Got a little too happy with the “d” key I see.

Best Regards, Barrister E. Kone

Since when does a Layer use his first initial and not his full name?

Legacy Comments:

meren - Nov 15, 2007

I’ve got this scum today and I Googled it to see if someone has made fun of it already. But come on, he says “9.5m$”, it looks pretty serious, that money, which I earned somehow, must be transferred to my account before it seized by the damn bank. I’m quite sure that they have so many phone and fax numbers to sell to other low-life advertisement companies.