Interesting day

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Monday, June 28, 2004

Well, I put the server back today, started her up, and watched the chaos begin. My first issue was running software update. The first run crashed, wonderful. I ran it again, and eventually got it all done. Then the guest account was still not completely locked down, so it was going up and down while the users gripped. After that, I looked at the web logs. There were several requests per second for the copyrighted material that cause the server to go down in the first place. I changed the .htaccess on the dir so that instead of presenting these users with a password, it returned a 410, GONE! Maybe the idiots will take a hint. I change it so that it logs the referrer URL as well, and found that this was linked from some ftp site. I may change it so it presents them with a page that says in not so nice terms to get lost.

The camera, is quite likely, a lost cause in terms of fixing the battery compartment. I am currently thinking about going to the hardware store and trying to make something that goes in the tripod hole in order to hold the thing shut. The tripod panel that I have on there now can hold it shut enough to use. Not exactly the most fun thing in the world to do, but I want this to last longer before I go out and buy a new camera. At least until Canon replaces the D10.

Oh well, not much else has been going on the past few days. It was interesting seeing what Apple is coming out with in Tiger, but it is still a bit of a way off. I can’t wait until the thing comes out and we see all the new nifty features.

I guess that is enough for one day. Until next time.