Thoughts and Ramblings

General things I find of interest.

Stuck doing jobs

People keep giving me tasks to do. I really wish they would find someone to replace me quickly. Today I kept trudging along in the task of ordering an Xserve Raid for the server. Whenever we get the thing, we will have 3TB of storage space. What makes this a pain is the fact that it is over $5000, so it has to go out for bid. Yuck. Right now I have to wait on email replies before I can go much further.


Things have picked up here. The EE department changed their name to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and as a result, they wanted to take This has created a bit of a mess. Second, the CE group is moving. We moved a bunch of people out of Zach 100m and are now doing renovations in the new space. Once done, everyone is going to move over there. Also, I was told about some new network changes that were going to happen in the near future.

Yes, work!

Well, at the moment my only job is the System Administrator position within the ECE group. It is mostly a job where you don’t have to do too much, but every once in a while something comes up. Today, I got an email about how one user on the eceserver was using 1/3 of the cadence licenses for the EE group. They threatened to cut off access to the licensee from the ece server.