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I finally Quit

Well, it has been a long time since I posted here. The reason is not lack of things to say, but in fact the opposite. Much has been going on, but so much of it is in an unresolved state, I don’t want to say anything here about it (since this is open to the public). I can say that I finally quite as the sysadmin. I told my advisor that that it was effective immediately.

New Semester

Well, the semester is now into its third week and things are going alright. I just had my first week of teaching lab, and things pretty much went as expected. The problem is that the students are expected to do some assembly within lab, but non of them have seen x86 assembly in class yet. Essentially, I had the fun of teaching them the basics of assembly just so they could do the lab.

Power Outage Aftermath

Well, for those not in the area, the power went out last night. I had decided to meet some a friend and his wife for dinner last night at McAlister’s. I arrived there when the power was flickering. The power went out while they were still on the way. The problem for them: Many of the traffic lights don’t work when the power is out. To make matters worse, when the power was flickering, the lights would commonly shift from green to flashing red, causing many wrecks.

Stupid Dell

I swear, the more I deal with them, the more I hate dealing with Dell. Apple, on the other hand, becomes more pleasant the more I deal with them. Last night, one of our Dell servers stopped working in many ways. I noticed most of the failures were “Input/Output Error”. A quick google search revealed that this is likely a bad HD. Well that is not Dell’s fault, but it is very unlikely for such a thing to happen when the system is new, and using hardware RAID-1 (mirroring).

Paid now

Well, the CE department decided that they were going to pay me now for my sysadmin work. So, that means that I will continue doing it. It is not too much work, but more than is worth doing for free. Anyway, I am going to have the fun tonight of moving the user’s files over to the new hard drive space. Hopefully all will go well.