Thoughts and Ramblings

General things I find of interest.

More recovery

Well, I have been slowly recovering all the data that I was lost. I went through and reposted all the images in the blog which were missing from the last time around. So now, there should no longer be any broken links on any of the pages. I have been keeping busy with school and other things. Teaching my class has been fun, and not too much of a time sink.

Long Day

Ahh… Been a while since I had a day like this. Yesterday, my partner and I spent a solid 7 hours, minus about 30 min for lunch, on homework. We had seven problems. I had solved the first one about a week before (the easiest one), and then we managed to complete 2 and 3 in the first four hours. 4, and 7 took us the remaining 3 hours that we worked on it.

New Blog Site

Well, if you are reading this, then you know that I now have a new site to store my blogs. This is the reason why I have not posted much in a while; I have been moving things over to this site. Some things to note: The address above is I have actually owned this domain for more than a year now, but just didn’t do anything with it. I finally decided that if I wanted to really use it, I needed it to be hosted somewhere.


Well, we have a project in class now. It is relatively simple. Find the shortest k-disjoint paths in a graph. Well, I got bored a bit on Sunday and didn’t feel like research, so I started coding. I wrote the graph, node, and edge data structures along with all its basics functions. I even went as far as to implement Dijsktra’s algorithm. I had to force myself to stop because I didn’t want to finish the thing before my partner and I met for the first time (tomorrow).

Trudging through

I am slowly getting through classes. Actually class is not really an issue anymore. It has gotten rather easy lately. I did get to thinking that I need to update my degree plan at some point. I looked at what I have left for minimum requirements. I need only 20 more hours, of which only 2 needs to be class. Good grief, I am closer than I thought. My advisor wants to meet three times a week now.