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Passed My Defense

I haven’t posted here in a while, and with good reason. About two weeks ago, I passed my Ph.D. defense. So, come May, I will officially have a doctorate in Computer Engineering, though I am effectively done with my degree. Legacy Comments: Steve - Feb 15, 2010 Looks like I get to be the first (at least on your blog here) to congratulate you - great job, Graham! Push Eject - Feb 16, 2010

Start of Infocom

Well, I am currently at Infocom. Getting here was a lot of fun because I had to wake up at 5am to drive to Houston and catch my flight here. In theory, I could have flown out of College Station, but all too often it is faster to drive to Houston than it is to fly. Then, when I got the rental car, I noticed it was made by Hyundai. I immediately remembered the old episode of Top Gear I watched the previous night where they “accidentally” called the Hyundai Accent the “Hyundai Accident.

Verify your burns

Well, for my future research, I needed a copy of ArcView. No big deal, it can be purchased form SELL here. Then they will burn you a disk and you are good to go, at least in theory. I got my disk, and proceeded to spend several hours trying to install it. I kept thinking that there must have been something wrong with windows (usually there is whether things work or not), and so I went through the lovely process of repairing it.

Ditching VPN

Well, VPN induced a kernel panic the other day so finally I have had it. I emailed the security people at A&M and got the ball rolling on opening up my office machine through the firewall. I eventually got them to do it, so now I don’t need VPN again (with the exception of wireless connections without WPA). Now, just in case people don’t believe that the Cisco client can kernel panic, here is a snippet of the the panic log to prove it: Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): com.

Career Center's Scam

Ok, so scam may be too strong of a word, but still, there is something seriously wrong with this. Essentially, the Career Center here can get a fee added to a student’s bill without informing them or getting their consent. Here is how it works: The career center or others encourage companies to come to campus to find potential students The company must do interviews that day or the next day in order to maintain their position on campus The company likes a student and asks to interview them on campus.