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AC3 and Passthrough on the AppleTV and Macs

A few days ago, I managed to get my AC3 codec to do AC3 passthrough on the AppleTV. It wasn’t that hard once I stopped making stupid mistakes. Now, if you have a video file with AC3 audio along with a dolby digital decoder, you can play it on your AppleTV and enjoy full 5.1 dolby digital surround. David Conrad later sent me a patch to make it work on PPC based macs.

AC3 Codec released

Well, I am sure I am getting a lot more traffic on this site recently because I released the AC3 codec yesterday. Essentially I got tired of the fact that the two that I found didn’t work well on Intel Macs, so I took one and fixed it. I already have one minor bug to fix (not worth releasing a new version though since it is just a version number). The next step is to figure out how to do AC3 passthrough.


Well, my old Powerbook failed a few days ago, so I got a new Intel Powerbook (no, I will not use the stupid name). It is nice and fast. I may give a better review later, but for now, the biggest gripe I had so far was the fact that I couldn’t play videos with AC-3 audio anymore. So, I took the A52 Codec and modified its source so that it would work on Intel.