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The Hall of Shame

So, the good folk over at FFmpeg have stared a Hall of Shame. Basically, it is a page of projects which are using FFmpeg in direct violation of its license. The developers have asked that people link to that page, thereby increasing its ranking in Google. Well, here’s my part. Why should I care about this? Simple, if you look at the list of projects using FFmpeg, you will see Perian listed.

Followup to Open Source Attitudes

Over half a year ago (that’s way to long to get back to this), I posted an blog entry on what I have observed in open source attitudes. I received a number of comments, the most interesting which is Daniel’s. What I found the most fascinating was the two opposite views I got in the comments. First, there were the developers, who seemed to largely agree with my comments. Then there were the users, who took offense at some of my comments, or the way that open source developers have treated them in the past.

Open Source Attitudes

With my recent work on Fire, Adium, Perian, and A52Codec, I have come to realize several misunderstandings concerning open source software. Ask anyone involved in Open Source Software (OSS), whether it be the users or the developers, and you will find there is often a disconnect between the two groups. The users are upset with the elitist attitudes of the developers and the developer are upset with the whining of the users.