Thoughts and Ramblings

General things I find of interest.

Starting Christmas Break

Well, Christmas break started on Saturday for me. Actually, you could argue that it started earlier, because on Friday I went with Aggie Christian Grads to view “The Nativity”. Was a pretty good movie. Later, we we got together and shared what amounted to too many deserts. Below is a group shot of most of the people there (I am on the left): ACG_Christmas_Party.jpg Although I have still done some research while here, it is nice to have a bit of a break.

Engagement Party

Well, last night I went to a little get together to celebrate the engagement of some friends, Andrew and Jessica. It was nice to see Andrew no longer anxious about asking Jessica as he was when I had lunch with him on Thurs. Anyway, now only a short two days before Thanksgiving. Hopefully they will pass quickly and without incident.