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All Men's

Last night was the “All Men’s” breakaway. It was a breakaway for just the guys. They do this every once in a while, mostly when they can’t reserve Reed Arena for that week. Since Rudder is too small to hold all of breakaway, usually they split it up like this instead of resorting to holding two breakaway’s in Rudder. The girls get their chance in two weeks. Next week, the guys and girls are together.


Not much happened at Breakaway this week with the exception of the fact that I was a lot later than normal. They did ask me to take the group picture, so here it is. Enjoy: Breakaway_Leaders.jpg

Silliness to start

Breakaway was mostly the normal this week with one exception. Several people resorted to silliness before breakaway. It started off with Rody dancing: Roddy.jpg And then these guys started leapfrogging each other: Leapfrog_Guys.jpg Leapfrog.jpg Afterward, a guy said that he would help EQ the sound board next week. Then he got to talking to Cory about getting into Wedding Videography. Cory just got too busy with it to keep up so maybe that will work out well for him.

Yet another week

Well, I had the fun of teaching Chris how to do the live stream. I get the feeling that he may not be doing it very often. There is hope that I can pass it off to someone. We had a meeting of the internet/email team before breakaway itself. Basically, we discussed where breakaway is going in the future in respect to the internet. I also snapped some pictures while I was there.

Start of Category

A few things have changed with respect to breakaway. First, the Internet/Email team has grown quite a bit recently. It went from 6 people (5 of which I never saw after the first meeting), to now about 8 people, all of whom I have actually seen more than once. In theory, I am supposed to be training a replacement, but that has not happened yet. Maybe this tuesday will prove to be better in that respect.