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Long Day

Ahh… Been a while since I had a day like this. Yesterday, my partner and I spent a solid 7 hours, minus about 30 min for lunch, on homework. We had seven problems. I had solved the first one about a week before (the easiest one), and then we managed to complete 2 and 3 […]

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New Blog Site

Well, if you are reading this, then you know that I now have a new site to store my blogs. This is the reason why I have not posted much in a while; I have been moving things over to this site. Some things to note: The address above is www.cod3r.com. I have actually owned […]

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Well, we have a project in class now. It is relatively simple. Find the shortest k-disjoint paths in a graph. Well, I got bored a bit on Sunday and didn’t feel like research, so I started coding. I wrote the graph, node, and edge data structures along with all its basics functions. I even went […]

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Trudging through

I am slowly getting through classes. Actually class is not really an issue anymore. It has gotten rather easy lately. I did get to thinking that I need to update my degree plan at some point. I looked at what I have left for minimum requirements. I need only 20 more hours, of which only […]

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In the next year

Well, it has been a year since I wrote here. I made it though my 663 and 668 classes unscathed. I then took two 689 courses the next semester. One was on Peer to Peer networks, and the other was Fault Tolerance, a continuation of 668. Both were fun, but the P2P class required a […]

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