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I visited my parents again this past weekend just to get a quick trip away from school. The outdoor kitties are acting much the same, with Guest Kitty lying around as usual for most of the day. I swear she is still too fat, but she may be getting better about that. OC (Orange Cat) […]

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Seeing the Railroad Bridge

It was nice to pull out the camera again after such a long hiatus. My parents took me to see an old railroad bridge across the Guadalupe River near Comfort, TX (GPS cords: 29°58’36” N 98°50’45” W). Anyway, here is a shot of the bridge from below: We had to contend with several “Road Closed” […]

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Spring Break

Well, I just got back from spring break, and so now it is picture time. When I connected the camera to the computer, I realized I had pictures on there from January which I had not taken off. These pictures were just of the kitties, but still, I thought they were cute enough to include […]

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Starting Christmas Break

Well, Christmas break started on Saturday for me. Actually, you could argue that it started earlier, because on Friday I went with Aggie Christian Grads to view “The Nativity”. Was a pretty good movie. Later, we we got together and shared what amounted to too many deserts. Below is a group shot of most of […]

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Visiting the Parents

Last weekend, I went to visit my parents. On the drive down, I listed to the first two chapters of The Rookie (beware: not for children or those easily offended). I am listening to the next chapter as I write this. Started off well enough for one of Scott Sigler’s novels. Can’t wait to hear […]

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