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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Text Compression Techniques

A friend of mine develops on an Bible application for the iPhone, BibleXpress. Since his application includes several translations with the app, he once mentioned to me the possibility of compressing them to save space. Any compression that is done must achieve a good ratio, but more importantly, decompression must be fast. I took it […]

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New Car

Well, after much hassle, I now have a new car. Here are some pictures: The whole ordeal was mostly due to the CARS program, which is often known by “Cash for Clunkers”. Anyway, I finally got that resolved and got a lot more for my old truck than I would have ever gotten in trade-in […]

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Using Newer Subversion in Xcode

I use MacPorts to get a whole host of utilities. In addition, I’ve always used it to obtain later versions of subversion that the one provided with the OS. Xcode, on the other hand, is locked into using the version of Subversion which is installed in /usr (currently version 1.4.4 where as I have 1.6.3). […]

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