Turn the Firewall Around

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Monday, September 15, 2008

I’ve noticed that a large proportion of spam showing up on my sites is coming from China, trying to promote chinese businesses. One annoying individual in particular likes to spam trac, by creating a username of “add” and spamming after logging in. In the past, I tried deleting the spam, removing the account, and then banning the IP address, but this moron just does it again from a new IP address. I’ve found that by editing the password file, and adding a “*LW*” to the hashed password, I can lock him out from future spamming, but this method is only effective till he uses a different username.

So, I am thinking that it is about time to turn the Great Firewall of China around and start firewalling off parts of this country. I’m thinking of starting with -, owned by “China Network Communications Group Corporation,” which is where this spammer is from.

I run projects free of charge, in my spare time, and so if others waste my time through abuse of this venue, I’d rather shut it down. For now, I’m content with a targeted attack, but I’m not afraid to ban an entire country. I’ve done it before, and I have no qualms about doing it again. Maybe the world should do this with all email originating from the country of Nigera.

Legacy Comments:

bw - Dec 10, 2008

typo: in “I’ve done it before, and I have no quorums about doing it again.” “quorums” should be “qualms”, I think, maybe?

Graham Booker - Dec 20, 2008

Thanks, bw. I corrected it.

Graham Booker - Oct 7, 2011

Figures, the spammers would try and spam this particular post.