New iPod Touch

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Friday, April 4, 2008

Well, after quite a while of looking at them, I finally decided to buy an iPod Touch. In fact, I wrote this blog post using it. The hardest part is to force yourself to stop correcting your mistakes, and trust that it can correctly figure out what you meant and correct it for you. The auto correction is definitely a necessity, but it isn’t as effective for those who can’t spell, like me. Regardless, it is time to close since typing on this keyboard is getting quite tedious. I’ll follow up later with pictures and the like when I am back on a more powerful computer.

Legacy Comments:

casey - Apr 4, 2008

It is tedious to type on the iPod Touch but I still think it is cool! It also isn’t cheap so protection is vital. You should check out the cases at Indestructible!

Graham Booker - Apr 4, 2008

Casey, I’ve already ordered a case, and it was just shipped today from Amazon (along with several CDs I had been meaning to buy). Until then, I have just been very careful with it.

casey - Apr 17, 2008

alright, well, good luck!

Jeff Geerling - May 3, 2008

Great site you have here - I just got my Touch a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it! I used to use a Palm (m505, E, and a Visor), but never liked their interfaces much. With the Touch, I can navigate anywhere with one free hand in the nick of time. Two features I wish it had: 1. A vibrating alarm - I don’t always hear the little beep sound. 2. A speaker - I can’t share my videos with anyone unless I bring a headphone splitter, so I can’t quickly show someone ’that video’ on YouTube, or have them hear a song I want to share…

Graham Booker - May 3, 2008

Jeff, Yeah, vibrating alarm would be very nice. So would a persistent alarm that keeps going off until you dismiss it, like on the Mac. I also agree with the speaker. The last time I needed to show a video to someone I was fortunate enough to have a set of computer speakers nearby.