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Monthly Archive for November, 2007

Key Fixed

Well, after all the fun in my previous post on my laptop’s keyboard, I have finally gotten the key fixed. I set an appointment for the Apple Store in Austin as I was driving through there this past weekend. I just showed up, opened the computer, showed him the key, he popped it in. That’s […]

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Sometimes you just got to laugh

I got this 419 scam today, and I decided to read it critically just for fun. I started to laugh at some of the word choices, so I decided to share (emphasis mine): Dear Sir, No name, OK I am a solicitor and I am the personal attorney to Late Mr Alex Tamu. Wow. Tamu […]

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Broken Key

Well, a key broke on my MacBook Pro’s keyboard. I noticed the tab key was a bit loose yesterday, and today it won’t stay down. I called Apple Support about it since this computer is covered by AppleCare, and after spending over 30 minutes waiting to talk to someone, I was told there is absolutely […]

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