Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, I’ve been running Google Analytics on this site for a few months now. It is interesting that about a 1/4 of you are coming to this site directly, another 1/5 are linked here from other sites, and the rest of ya’ll are coming through search engines. More people are finding me through searches than I would have expected.

The search engines was interesting: First is the proportions. Google has the highest with about 95%, then comes yahoo. Rounding up the bottom is 4 searches from aol, and one from altavista (ah, I remember those days). Not one from live, hmm. I would normally attribute this to the very mac nature of my pages (which accounts for the searches on ac3 on the mac), but then I must consider the top searches which land them on my site. For some reason, people are finding me by searches for “female friend”, “girl questions”, and “dating friend”. I am not the top search result for any of those searches (thankfully considering that I am by no means an authority on the subject), but people seems to go far enough down to reach me.

It feels weird that a single rant I made is landing me the top search result for the entire site. Given some valuable information here, and the fact I am an authority on some subjects, I must conclude that so many more people are searching for answers when it comes to the male-female friend/dating relationship that they end up finding my little rant on the subject.

Oh well, on to more interesting stats: In the browser realm, you are all split evenly between IE (*shudder*), Safari, and Firefox. Even though my site is fairly mac based, more of you are on windows that on the mac (only by a small little bit).

Oh well, just something I found interesting while checking the stats. Coming up sometime soon, my fun with RSS and Perl in the war against obnoxious websites and ads.