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Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Custom RSS Feeds

So, lets break down the problem. I use RSS feeds a lot to read the news. For the uninitiated, RSS feeds (which stands for Really Simple Syndication), are a nice way to aggregate multiple sources and see changes from said sources in a convenient manner. Basically, I can see the headlines from many locations in […]

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So, I’ve been running Google Analytics on this site for a few months now. It is interesting that about a 1/4 of you are coming to this site directly, another 1/5 are linked here from other sites, and the rest of ya’ll are coming through search engines. More people are finding me through searches than […]

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Recruiting week

Well, this past week was full of recruiters on campus trying to hire people, well engineers. I participated in a few of the events, but missed the major one entirely. It started on Monday with the welcome dinner. Essentially free food at the Hilton where students sit at a table with a recruiter. I sat […]

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