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Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Ripping DVDs to play on the AppleTV

First, I should start off with the prerequisites for the AppleTV itself. I have hacked my ATV and installed Perian. I also have installed Sapphire to play back the content. And lastly, I have installed the USB kernel extensions to allow use of an external hard drive, but this piece is not a necessity. The […]

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I visited my parents again this past weekend just to get a quick trip away from school. The outdoor kitties are acting much the same, with Guest Kitty lying around as usual for most of the day. I swear she is still too fat, but she may be getting better about that. OC (Orange Cat) […]

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New Hardware

It has been a while since I updated this. I promise a followup to my previous post about open source attitudes is coming up. I realized from the comments that a few of my statements didn’t come across exactly as I had intended them. Well, with the Perian donations, Chris and I went to buy […]

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