Why Me?

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why did I get a email like this?

hi, my name is ****** from Brazil. I am a electrical enginnering student and I would like to know if someone has a program that calculate the transient stability with values of internal voltages of the machines. My program calculate a Load Flow for systems 9-bus and 14-bus, but need to find the values of pre fault and post fault and Variables of state e equilibry of machines I need simulate three phase short circuit considerated Fault period (tch) and generate Grafics angle X time and Grafics velocity X time I need to simulate a three phase short circuited with fault period tch and generate graphics with the results of anglextime and velocityx time bars voltage of system and internal voltage of generators. I have a doubt. What is the best language to develop this kind of program?Delphi or C++ Builder? Thanks

Granted I am in Electrical Engineering, but still, why me? I don’t mess with power, mostly because I don’t like it. In addition, C++ Builder? C++ Builder is not a language, it is a program, and on top of that, a windows program. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I don’t use windows.

Now I need to figure out if I wish to bounce it or just ignore it.

Legacy Comments:

msw - Jun 13, 2007

Maybe it’s some kind of ultra-targeted 419 scam attempt…

***** - Jun 21, 2007

sorry for looking for you. I think I seek for the wrong person.I could erase this email from your post because a search in the google with some keywords return to your post and this could be harmful for me, cause i do nothing wrong, i only ask for help. Sorry

gbooker - Jun 21, 2007

I just edited out the name, to keep it anonymous. That should prevent any harm.