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Monthly Archive for June, 2007

Perian 1.0 Released

Finally, after the fiasco with macupdate, we really released version 1.0. Go get it. AppleTV users, we suggest using ATV Loader to install it. Downloading the current package, and extracting the components out of it will work, but when it shows up on ATV Loader, that will be much simpler.

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Open Source Attitudes

With my recent work on Fire, Adium, Perian, and A52Codec, I have come to realize several misunderstandings concerning open source software. Ask anyone involved in Open Source Software (OSS), whether it be the users or the developers, and you will find there is often a disconnect between the two groups. The users are upset with […]

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Perian Woes

Well, we had some fun with Perian today. First it started when macupdate decided that they were going to post a fake 1.0 of Perian. You can read the details if you like. Since this is clearly something we didn’t want, we had to figure out how it happened. My guess is that someone saw […]

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Why Me?

Why did I get a email like this? hi, my name is ****** from Brazil. I am a electrical enginnering student and I would like to know if someone has a program that calculate the transient stability with values of internal voltages of the machines. My program calculate a Load Flow for systems 9-bus and […]

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New Safari

Well, Apple released a beta of Safari 3.0 and so I decided to try it out. I had almost forgotten why I switched to Firefox until I was doing this post. Safari’s javascript was not up to par to work properly with wordpress, so I had to switch to a browser that was. Now, wordpress […]

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