Verify your burns

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well, for my future research, I needed a copy of ArcView. No big deal, it can be purchased form SELL here. Then they will burn you a disk and you are good to go, at least in theory.

I got my disk, and proceeded to spend several hours trying to install it. I kept thinking that there must have been something wrong with windows (usually there is whether things work or not), and so I went through the lovely process of repairing it. Eventually, I gave up and stuck the disk in my mac, only to notice several files on the disk were unreadable. So, I took the disk back and asked if they verify their burns and was told that they do not. They then offered to burn another disk for me.

I get the disk later that day, and it doesn’t even mount!!!!! Examinations of the disk yield that the dye has disintegrated. I am going to go back tomorrow, and tell them to burn it again, but this time I will not accept the disk until they verify it. If they can’t do that, then I will bring my laptop and image the disk right there (since I can’t trust them to burn it again). What is so hard about verifying burns? It is worth doing especially since a single failure results in a tremendous loss of time and possibly even data.

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Huge - Mar 28, 2012

After releasing an ENTIRE 1st series of my debut album that didn’t work in peoples machines, I can totally understand. Problem was I burned and printed them myself, so I learned a valuable lesson from myself. (about a month after I gave out the first set reports came in of nothing from the album working)