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Monthly Archive for March, 2007

Cell phone’s battery

Well, it seems that the V3m’s battery life sucks. I am going to have to chalk this one up to Sprint’s stupidity. The same phone, with other carriers, is capable of lasting longer on the battery than Sprint’s. I even got their own employees to admit to this, but they insist that the fault does […]

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Messina Hof

Well, today I went on the tour of Messina Hof, a local winery. My mom insists that it is famous, but I am going to have to take her word for it. After the tour, they had a wine tasting. The had four wines for us: Chardonnay Gewurztraminer Merlot Port I had never heard of […]

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New Cell Phone

Well, I finally did it. I changed my cell phone provider. I switched to Sprint. There were a few reasons for this. One of the more notable is that they seem to cover my parents’ place the best, and thus they changed as well. After my previous experience with Verizon, there was no way I […]

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Spring Break

Well, I just got back from spring break, and so now it is picture time. When I connected the camera to the computer, I realized I had pictures on there from January which I had not taken off. These pictures were just of the kitties, but still, I thought they were cute enough to include […]

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Branchless Code

Apologies if this is technical, but since I learned something in this experiment, I thought I would write it up: I remember going to a seminar a few weeks ago delivered by a faculty candidate which discussed the idea of how to get around the branch misprediction problem present in microprocessors. Anyway, her idea was […]

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