New Semester

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Friday, February 2, 2007

Well, the semester is now into its third week and things are going alright. I just had my first week of teaching lab, and things pretty much went as expected. The problem is that the students are expected to do some assembly within lab, but non of them have seen x86 assembly in class yet. Essentially, I had the fun of teaching them the basics of assembly just so they could do the lab.

CIS continued to call me about my issues with VPN. I can’t be the only one with problems. It seems the issues with DNS have been fixed with the change over to their new DNS servers, but I haven’t tested it enough to make sure. I think they are more concerned with my other issue that my password is rejected when using the wireless version of VPN. I managed to get it to work once, and so now it is in a state where I will gripe should I get it to fail again.

I told my adviser that I didn’t want to be the sysadmin in the future and he said that they will work on finding someone else to do it. Truthfully, the main reason I don’t want to do it is the fact that they can’t seem to pay me for it any longer. It isn’t really fun, and without the pay, I just don’t feel like doing it. In a way I feel sorry for the next guy who gets stuck with doing this. Oh well.

Anyway, I suppose that I will try to post here more often. I have been slacking on it as of late both out of the fact that I have been busy and nothing really exciting has happened. Maybe the next few days will yield something of interest.