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Monthly Archive for December, 2006


Well, Christmas has now come and gone. We all went to my grandparents’ house to celebrate along with my Aunt Cindy and her husband. We had our usual barbeque for lunch there. Afterward, the kitties started their fun. Hallie showed us one again how much she loves to chew ribbon: Missie joined in with her […]

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Starting Christmas Break

Well, Christmas break started on Saturday for me. Actually, you could argue that it started earlier, because on Friday I went with Aggie Christian Grads to view “The Nativity”. Was a pretty good movie. Later, we we got together and shared what amounted to too many deserts. Below is a group shot of most of […]

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Will Not Fix it

I had an interesting exchange with the CIS people here at TAMU concerning their VPN. A bit of background: A&M uses Cisco’s VPN client (and there concentrator too IIRC). There are two modes for the VPN. The normal mode which forwards all traffic through the VPN and the “split-tunnel” mode which only forwards TAMU destined […]

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