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Monthly Archive for November, 2006

Searching for Digital

My parents got a new HDTV. Good ol’ Walmart had their 6am sale on black friday, so we all piled in the truck early in the morning to pick up a good deal. Got it home and started to test it out. It seemed to work just fine. We started testing out the HD part […]

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Engagement Party

Well, last night I went to a little get together to celbrate the engagemnet of some friends, Andrew and Jessica. It was nice to see Andrew no longer anxious about asking Jessica as he was when I had lunch with him on Thurs. Anyway, now only a short two days before Thanksgiving. Hopefully they will […]

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Bad Drainage

On Tuesday, I was sitting in my apartment, and I could hear the distinct sound of cars driving through water on the road. It was not supposed to rain so I looked outside and couldn’t see any water. I then went out to the parking lot, and I could see water flowing by very quickly […]

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