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Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Wine Tasting

Last Thurs, the Adult, Graduate and Off Campus Student Services had a wine tasting. We had to sign up ahead of time, so a few friends and I went. The had four wines there: Penascal Sauvignon Blanc Trentadue Old Patch Red Charles Creek Miradero Merlot Barros Imperial Ruby Port I have to say. I learned […]

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Pepper Spray

Today when I went to go teach class, I was greeted by all of my students sitting outside the classroom. I figured this was another case of the previous prof not vacating the room on time. I was wrong Turns out, someone had the brilliant idea of spraying the room with pepper spray. In the […]

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Visiting the Parents

Last weekend, I went to visit my parents. On the drive down, I listed to the first two chapters of The Rookie (beware: not for children or those easily offended). I am listening to the next chapter as I write this. Started off well enough for one of Scott Sigler’s novels. Can’t wait to hear […]

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Lately someone has been trying to leave spam on the comments to this blog. Problem for him, comments are not displayed until I moderate them. Second problem, such attempts are logged. My response: iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP Bigger problem for him, I can enable the spam filtering. On the plus side, it […]

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Power Outage Aftermath

Well, for those not in the area, the power went out last night. I had decided to meet some a friend and his wife for dinner last night at McAlister’s. I arrived there when the power was flickering. The power went out while they were still on the way. The problem for them: Many of […]

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