Perian released

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well, a project I have been working on for a few months saw some action. Perian was released today, but not before the site was linked by digg. Essentially the server (which is the same as this one) was pounded by at least 10-20 people every second. I had to reconfigure some of the server’s options, but once I did so, it withstood the load rather well.

Now to fix all the bugs reports which will start to flow in :)

Legacy Comments:

Kai - Dec 11, 2006

I installed Perian 0.5, but couldn’t playback audio in an AVI that had AC3 5.1 sound. I installed your A52 Codec and it worked, however sound came through in stereo. Do you know if 5.1 audio playback is possible in QuickTime Player, or do we need to use VLC? Cheers, Kai -

gbooker - Dec 11, 2006

Currently, due to limitations in Perian, it is setting the number of channels for audio to a max of 2. Quicktime is respecting this channel limit and so request the A52Codec only decode in 2 channel. We have some means of getting around this, but to truly fix it requires documentation from Apple which they have not provided. Also, don’t expect output to the S/PDIF interface. This is entirely an issue with Apple and I get the distinct impression that they have no desire to see it fixed.