Dealing with Verizon

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Thursday, September 28, 2006

I decided that I would not write about this until the entire matter is resolved; so here it goes.

On the 10th, I saw that my Verizon wireless bill was $272. I immediately called them to find out what the deal was. Turns out over $200 of that was data changes since I used my phone as a modem for my computer. Well, I did use it, but for the first two years I used this phone, I was never changed. The person I talked to promised to track it down and that I would receive a call within 3-5 days.

Enter the 17th, yes, 7 days afterward, and I still had no call. My response: call them back and ask again. Yet again, I got someone who didn’t know the answer and told me that someone would call me back within 7 days (note the increase estimate).

On the 21st, still no call, but still within the estimated time frame, I was bored and so I decided to pester Verizon again. I called just to make sure someone would really call me. I was assured that they will.

The 7 days came and went, and I was sitting on the 25 starting to boil. I called yet again, and yet again got someone who didn’t know the answer. I was told the name of person tracking the issue, Marie. The lady on the other end of the phone promised to call me back the next day regardless of whether she had an answer or not.

Next day, Verizon called me. I have to admit, I was shocked. She didn’t have an answer, and she really didn’t have the power to do anything. I asked to speak to someone who did, and her manager was in a meeting that should be out within 30 minutes. She told me that I should receive a call back.

Next day, today, and no call. I called and got Pam (I think that was her name). I told her she is likely best transferring me to a manager because of my situation. She asked me to describe it and to my surprise she didn’t transfer me. I got someone who both knew what was going on and can do something about it. She offered to credit my account in the amount of the data charges. I expressed my fury over their unprofessional behavior in breaking promises to call me back.

What happened: When I first got my cell plan, it included an unlimited data usage as one of its options. A really nice feature if you ask me. I knew about this and of course I used it. After my 2 year contract ended, I was called asking if I would like a new contract with more minutes. I explicitly asked about this option and was assured that it is still the case. It was not. I just didn’t use my phone for enough data over the next year to notice that this change occurred until I had a large bill.

The end result. I am out of my contract and so I will keep on my month by month until my credit is used up. At that time, I will drop Verizon and go with someone else. I have heard a few bad things about sprint, but I am not sure about cingular’s coverage in the area in which my parents live. At least now I have time to figure this out.

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Kim - Oct 2, 2006

I’ve had very good luck with T-Mobile so far. You might consider them as well, if coverage is good in your area. I’ve had good luck with Nokia phones on their network.