Leak and fourth

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Thursday, July 6, 2006

Well, I had fun two nights ago. The AC unit in my apartment was dripping. Nothing serious, and the 4th was coming up, so I figured I would tell them about it after the holiday (since the maintenance workers would be off). I had put a trash can under the drip, and it developed an inch of water in several hours. Nothing to difficult to deal with since I would be around.

Then I noticed the wall starting to deform, and water in it. So I called and they sent out the emergency maintenance person. He got here, fixed the condensate drain, and then discovered there was still more water. Turns out the apartment above me had a bit of a lake in their bathroom from the same issue, but since no one was there, it was never fixed. The fact that, according to the guy going to fix it, they had their AC set to 60 didn’t help much either. Good thing I was here for this.

Yesterday I celebrated the fourth with some friends. Got some good pictures, but I have not imported them to the computer yet. I will post some here once they are up.