Repository Up

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have now set up the subversion repository for a project I wish to start. The basics of the project is to get the server side part of iSync working on a server other than Apple’s. If this is completed, I can fully drop my .Mac subscription, and lose nothing that I care about. I guess this should be a lesson on not to over charge for poor services. If you persist in such action, someone will come along and replace you. It may be an inferior product in some respects, but the price is hard to beat in this case (free). So far very little is there:

Anyway, most other things have been slow here. I guess that is why I have not posted much in the past few days. I have selected the CRM group (Customer Relationship Management). They looked the most interesting to me when I interviewed, and it remained that way even after talking to each team some more. Tomorrow I find out about what happens next.

A cute note. I got an email from wave3 software asking for a developer to work on an audio/video/im client called session on Mac OS X. They found out about me entirely through my open source work. I figured that it would help me to get a job by putting it on my resume, but I didn’t expect to get employers contacting me purely because I work on such a project. Interesting.

Anyway, until next time.