More Flights

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Sunday, April 2, 2006

Everything was going well. I showed up to the interview about 30 minutes beforehand and everything seemed fine. It took the receptionist a while to find the my information, but I expected this was due to the change in location to Silicon Valley. I was wrong.

I was in the wrong place! They meant to send me to Seattle and changing it to Silicon Valley was a mistake. The result: I was to fly to Seattle at 5pm. At least I called Jason and had some lunch with him while I was there, so I got to see some of Palo Alto, and I learned that CA is not as bad as I had thought.

Enter the next flight. I flew to Seattle. Apparently I talked on the cell phone so much that it died in the airport. I turned it off so that it will have enough charge to make a quick call or two if I needed. I got on the plane, and was flown to Seattle, first class! That was really nice. MS paid for first class to make up for the mistake of sending me to the wrong place. I actually enjoyed the flight. When asked what I would like to drink, I decided that I would try Merlot. I had never had it, so it was worth a taste.

Then I landed, and got the rental car. I was asked for the choice of HHR and a PT Cruiser. I had the HHR in CA, and I hated it, so I chose the PT Cruiser. It is a bit of a nicer car, but I still hate it. Such a stupid car. I would have preferred a small normal car over this thing. I then had to make my way to the hotel. I followed the directions as best as I could, and managed to get lost, twice! I can’t believe how bad navigating this area is. Oh well. I think the traffic was better in San Jose than here.

Anyway, I am staying at the Westin. It is a really nice hotel. This is a nice getaway, but, truth be said, I wouldn’t want to stay here again. They milk you for every penny. The internet access costs $12 (which is why this is not posted when I wrote it on Thurs. night) and a can of coke costs $3.75. I almost wonder if MS put me up here as part of making up for sending me to the wrong city. If that is the case, I would have been far happier with a place that had a continental breakfast and free internet access. Oh well, guess my needs are simple. I enclosed a picture of the place to show how nice it is (ignore my stuff cluttering it up).


Tomorrow is the interview. I will likely just find some breakfast someplace around here. I don’t really want something complex for breakfast, nor do I think it is worth a minimum of $14.