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Monthly Archive for April, 2006

Truck fixed

Well, I finally got the truck fixed. I had a lot of trouble finding a time when I could actually take the thing in, so I had a lot of time when I was just unable to bring the truck in. Anyway, after about 31 hours (mostly waiting for parts), they got it fixed. It […]

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Repository Up

I have now set up the subversion repository for a project I wish to start. The basics of the project is to get the server side part of iSync working on a server other than Apple’s. If this is completed, I can fully drop my .Mac subscription, and lose nothing that I care about. I […]

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3 Offers

Well, I managed to get 3 offers it appears. Apparently, this many offers is very rare, so procedures are a bit different. I have all the groups talk to me some more, and then I have to decide between them. I was not told how much the offers were, just that they would be the […]

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New site

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have moved the blog to a new site. I got tired of the unreliability of rosehosting.com and so Matthew and I went together to get a server with about 3 times the capacity from unixshell.com. We are splitting the cost, and I am paying […]

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On the Plane

I thought that I would write a post while I was on the plane. I had the time, and since I already had one post stored on the computer, it really doesn’t make much difference to make another. I am currently flying first class back to DFW. It is much, much nicer than flying in […]

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