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Monthly Archive for March, 2006

Fun with Flights

Well, I am now in Mountain View, CA, after some fun with the flights… It started in College Station. The flight was supposed to leave at 2:02 or something like that. Everything was going fine until they told us the weather in Houston has delayed them an hour. Then, we got on the plan and […]

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Interviews and Scams

Well, MS has changed their mind… They want me to go to Silicon Valley instead of Seattle. I have to say, it is likely a much better place to go, so I am not really complaining. It was just interesting how they made the travel arrangements for me to go to Seattle before it all […]

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Spring Break

Well, spring break started off with moving offices…. I had a bit of confusion when it came down to which office I am to move in to. At first, I was supposed to move into 331C, which was at the very corner of the Computer Engineering Group’s new space. When I went to key control […]

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Screwy people?

Well, I had a nice time at my parents’ place. It was nice to get out of CS for a little while, and I did enjoy dad’s chocolate rum pie 🙂 I have noticed a tremendous number of access to this site trying to access sites other than this site. So, my solution, let them […]

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