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Monthly Archive for February, 2006

Long Day

Ahh… Been a while since I had a day like this. Yesterday, my partner and I spent a solid 7 hours, minus about 30 min for lunch, on homework. We had seven problems. I had solved the first one about a week before (the easiest one), and then we managed to complete 2 and 3 […]

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.Mac is not worth it

OK, I was listening to the MacCast and heard a review of iWeb which is part of iLife ’06. This reminded me that I need to go on .mac rant, as I promised before: Introduction I have had my .mac account for quite some time now. I had it back when it was free (and […]

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All Men’s

Last night was the “All Men’s” breakaway. It was a breakaway for just the guys. They do this every once in a while, mostly when they can’t reserve Reed Arena for that week. Since Rudder is too small to hold all of breakaway, usually they split it up like this instead of resorting to holding […]

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More Moving

Well, Still moving things to this site… I just moved over the Poetry section. If you look really closely, you will see that the font has changed for my posts ;). I went through and cleaned up the horrible HTML code that was generated by my last software and survived the import here. It should […]

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New Blog Site

Well, if you are reading this, then you know that I now have a new site to store my blogs. This is the reason why I have not posted much in a while; I have been moving things over to this site. Some things to note: The address above is www.cod3r.com. I have actually owned […]

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