Is Valentine's Day too commercial?

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Friday, February 17, 2006

When I was helping a student move a computer on Valentine’s Day, she asked if I was doing anything special for the day. I mentioned that I generally hate Valentine’s Day, and she asked if it was because of having to go out of buy something. Well, those who know me know that this is certainly not the case in my situation, simply because there is no one to give anything to. This did however, give me pause.

Has Valentine’s Day become nothing more than a day when the guy has to go out and buy something for the girl? Considering the fact that there is a standard set of gifts, such as roses, chocolates, a card, etc… makes me think that the care and creativity just isn’t there. In addition, why is it that it is almost always the guy who gets something for the girl while the converse is often not the case (and no, I am not going to take the night’s activities into consideration here)? Isn’t the whole point of giving a gift to someone on Valentine’s Day an expression of love? So does this mean that many of the girls don’t love the guys?

Maybe I am just being cynical because I dislike the day in general, or maybe because I have no one to give anything to, but much of this just doesn’t seem right. I will have to just wait and see what my views are on this day when it becomes something other than a dreaded day.