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Monthly Archive for February, 2006


People often ask my why I don’t check my snail-mail as often as they thing I should. So, in answer to that, here is the breakdown of what I get there: 70% trash (including envelopes and the like) 10% keep for records (bills and the like which I have already paid online) 15% shred (Things […]

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Well, this week was the Veritas Forum. I really only went to one talk through the thing. Unfortunately, I really wanted to go to the one Tuesday Evening by Dr. Hugh Ross, but I couldn’t because of Breakaway. He had another presentation at 4 where he presented some of a scientific theory which includes a […]

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Locked out

Well, this weekend I went to my office to get a few things done. When I left my office to get something to eat, I shut the door behind me and realized that I had locked myself out. So… I called UPD, and they told me that they could not let me in unless it […]

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Well, today I had an interview with Microsoft. I can’t say that MS is high on my list of places to work, but there is no harm in working for them. I was given two puzzles to solve while I was there. A friend said that it would not be a good idea for me […]

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Is Valentine’s Day too commercial?

When I was helping a student move a computer on Valentine’s Day, she asked if I was doing anything special for the day. I mentioned that I generally hate Valentine’s Day, and she asked if it was because of having to go out of buy something. Well, those who know me know that this is […]

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