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Monthly Archive for January, 2006

Not the only one with car issues

Well, Tuesday was the day for the Engineering Career fair. One of my friends came into town for it because he was recruiting for Raytheon. He came down monday and we went out to dinner. It was nice to see him again. On the way down, shortly after going over some rough train tracks, his […]

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Computer and Truck issues

It has been a while since I wrote here, and with good reason. Sunday night, my computer froze. I looked at it very oddly because this is a far cry from normal. I was about to reboot it when it suddenly unfroze. A few minutes later, it froze again, and this time I heard the […]

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Paid now

Well, the CE department decided that they were going to pay me now for my sysadmin work. So, that means that I will continue doing it. It is not too much work, but more than is worth doing for free. Anyway, I am going to have the fun tonight of moving the user’s files over […]

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Christmas Vacation

Well, I left CS for the Christmas vacation and went to my parents’ place. Pretty much from the time I arrived Hallie decided to hiss at me from under the tree. I managed to get a picture of her giving me one of her glaring looks. Friday, the 23rd, we all packed up the truck […]

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