Slow weekend and week

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Thursday, November 3, 2005

This has been a slow time recently. I just don’t have much to do. During the entire weekend, I really didn’t do much. Friday I went to the Costume party done by Aggie Christian Grads. I had a good time. Got to meet some people there. I guess I will have to go to their bible studies now just so I can get to know them better. Saturday, I went to the Maroon and White game (baseball). It was interesting to see, and then went back to my office to do some research. Sunday, I can’t remember what I did. During this past week, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Just a normal week.

Erin asked me today what my plans were for the weekend. I then realized, I didn’t have any. That is a bad thing in many ways. Lately I had been playing a bit of Halo in my spare time, but I am going to have to stop that, because I could get sucked in and become entirely ant-social.

My biggest problem is that I don’t really know anyone here anymore, and those I do know, I don’t see often. When it comes down to it, I now the following people in town.

Erin - She is too busy with school work, so my time with her is limited. Nathan and Andrea - I don’t see them often at all since they got married. The last time I saw Andrea was several months ago, and Nathan was on the 15th. Patrick - Guy I know from class. Maybe I will try to get to know him more, but he plays a lot of WoW, so I may have to break him of some of that. Chad and Launa - Haven’t really seen them since they stopped volunteering for breakaway. Luke - Same as above Tony and Laura - Again, some as above

And that is about it. Truthfully, I only really know 4 people in town. It is times like this that I really miss Curtis. He would have made a fifth, and one that would have taken me to places where I could have met others. Oh well. Maybe this weekend I will try to get to know my neighbors some. That could be an idea.