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Monthly Archive for November, 2005

Slow weekend and week

This has been a slow time recently. I just don’t have much to do. During the entire weekend, I really didn’t do much. Friday I went to the Costume party done by Aggie Christian Grads. I had a good time. Got to meet some people there. I guess I will have to go to their […]

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Trudging through

I am slowly getting through classes. Actually class is not really an issue anymore. It has gotten rather easy lately. I did get to thinking that I need to update my degree plan at some point. I looked at what I have left for minimum requirements. I need only 20 more hours, of which only […]

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Yet another week

Well, I had the fun of teaching Chris how to do the live stream. I get the feeling that he may not be doing it very often. There is hope that I can pass it off to someone. We had a meeting of the internet/email team before breakaway itself. Basically, we discussed where breakaway is […]

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