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Monthly Archive for November, 2005


Not much happened at Breakaway this week with the exception of the fact that I was a lot later than normal. They did ask me to take the group picture, so here it is. Enjoy:

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More games

Well, I am going to write down what happened over the weekend before I forget. Basically, highlights for the weekend have mostly to do with sporting events. I went to the Volleyball game yesterday against Kansas State. I can now say the volleyball team is not loosing because of me. I had been to 4 […]

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Week with a few games

Well, once again, a slow week. Saturday and Sunday were marked by not doing much at all. I can’t remember what I did, and there is nothing on my calendar, so that is no help. I think I did my project for Survivable Networks. I did end up with Erin’s bike lock in my truck […]

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Silliness to start

Breakaway was mostly the normal this week with one exception. Several people resorted to silliness before breakaway. It started off with Rody dancing: And then these guys started leapfrogging each other: Afterward, a guy said that he would help EQ the sound board next week. Then he got to talking to Cory about getting into […]

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Well, we have a project in class now. It is relatively simple. Find the shortest k-disjoint paths in a graph. Well, I got bored a bit on Sunday and didn’t feel like research, so I started coding. I wrote the graph, node, and edge data structures along with all its basics functions. I even went […]

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