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Monthly Archive for November, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, thanksgiving has now come and gone. I have spent so long trying to catch up on things that I missed from being out of town that it has taken me a while to get back to this blog. I still have to clean up my apartment this week sometime and a few other things […]

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More Computers

Well, it seems things came in pairs yesterday. Two broken computers, and two christmas party invitations. Oh well, at least one of those items was nice. Got the sever up and running nearly back to where it should be. I took the old HD out, and used it in a FW enclosure and got all […]

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Laptop replacement

One way or another, I am going to replace this laptop. I have decided that $400 is not worth it to fix such an old computer. The question remains, should I replace it with an iBook, or go with the more expensive powerbook. The only reason to go with the powerbook is the bigger screen […]

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More laptop

Well, more work went into the laptop yesterday. I have gotten it to the point where it seems to be working. I further localized the problem to the graphics card on the logic board, which means if I really want to fix it, it will cost me $400, not worth it. Basically, if I push […]

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Well, my time recently has been consumed by trying to fix my laptop. Here is the issue: If I move the screen while the computer is on, the video card goes nuts. I thought it was the cable, but now I am not so sure. I have a small workaround. Put the computer to sleep, […]

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