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Monthly Archive for October, 2005

Stuck doing jobs

People keep giving me tasks to do. I really wish they would find someone to replace me quickly. Today I kept trudging along in the task of ordering an Xserve Raid for the server. Whenever we get the thing, we will have 3TB of storage space. What makes this a pain is the fact that […]

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Blast from the past

I had someone ask me a few days ago if I was responsible for the Kyocera Ring tone generator for the mac. I had to let him know that I was guilty as charged. Anyway, I have put up a website for the thing. Hopefully this means that people actually use it. I changed the […]

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Return to blogging after nearly a year

After a really long time away, I decided to return to blogging. Short summary of what happened since last time: Erin had a nice graduation, and I cannot pass up the opportunity to display such a nice picture of her her Nathan and Andrea have gotten married on Jan 8th. I had fun, and I […]

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Start of Category

A few things have changed with respect to breakaway. First, the Internet/Email team has grown quite a bit recently. It went from 6 people (5 of which I never saw after the first meeting), to now about 8 people, all of whom I have actually seen more than once. In theory, I am supposed to […]

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Things have picked up here. The EE department changed their name to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and as a result, they wanted to take ece.tamu.edu. This has created a bit of a mess. Second, the CE group is moving. We moved a bunch of people out of Zach 100m and are now […]

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