Two weeks

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Wednesday, August 4, 2004

I guess it has been two months since I have written here. It is not hard to believe that it has been that long since I have been a bit busy over that time; even thought nothing has really happened.

The first thing of interest is that Nathan is now engaged. Not too much of a surprise, but still important to note. They are shooting for a Dec weeding, so that is going to be interesting. I am going to have to figure out how I am going to work out attending and going up to my grandparent’s house for Christmas. Time will tell how I manage to pull that one off. The only thing is, I haven’t seen anything of him since he told me about that. He has stopped coming around entirely. I guess that I am going to have to find a new set of friends here because he is a bit too ‘busy’ to come see me at any time it seems. I think I am going to run an experiment to see how long this goes. It is a bit upsetting that he has no time for me anymore when before when he knew me, he didn’t really have any friends. I guess I must be that forgettable. On the other hand, Matthew has become a lot more talkative. I don’t know what has really prompted that change, but it is nice to have him to talk to. I guess he is just getting bored at work at times. Hopefully it will continue.

I have really gotten upset at Intel lately. It all has to do with their network processors. It is a brand new chip and they had the opportunity to create a whole new architecture, which they did. The only issue is they created an ISA that is so poorly designed and register limited that I am starting to seriously question if they are even capable of making a good architecture. Secondly, I want to shoot the bozo who wrote the basic part of the assembler. If you mistype a variable name (which is a common mistake), it will sit they for four minutes trying to assemble the file and then fail. It doesn’t really tell you why it failed, just that it did. To make matters worse, Window’s process control is so poor that you have to kill the IDE in order to stop it. Now, every sane compiler on real operating systems tell you about an unknown symbol and fail, with the compile running in a separate process that can be killed independently of the IDE. Oh well, crap running on a crap OS. No wonder why all the PC programs tend to be crap.

Summer is starting to come to a close. I find it hard to believe that it is August already. It is funny, I now think of Augustus when I heard August. Guess I did learn something in that Roman history class. It was worth taking in the end.

Fire has been keeping me busy as of late. I have been working on a new architecture for multiple logins on the same service. It has been very hard to get right and I have to spend a lot of time thinking about what is the best thing to do at most points. I did talk with Eric a bit yesterday. It was nice to finally talk with the creator. He made a comment about Fire is already starting to look very different. He was a bit apologetic about making Fire only capable of a single login at a time, but I told him that it suited the time in which it was created. Now I am updating it for the time that it is running in now.

Well, that is good for one entry. Maybe I will have another sometime before this week is out.