20 days, gosh I am lazy

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well, things have been interesting since last I wrote. A lot of things have changed.

First of all, summer sessions has ended. It is a time of transition. I am thankful to see that it seems the guy who would play his guitar at night has moved out. Hopefully this will mean more peaceful rests. Since the summer was ending an the fall starting up, the ECE group started to look for another admin since they had been without one for a bit. I was asked, and decided to take the position. I moved all my stuff yesterday, and that made for an interesting time. Already I am enjoying the window in just knowing what the weather is like. It was funny, the first thing I noticed after hooking everything up was that the 12 port switch was quite noisy. I never noticed it among the rumble of 100M. So now my office is in 315D WERC.

I went to Tony’s weeding last Sat. It was pouring rain on the way up. So bad, that I had to on many occasions slow down to 25MPH because I just couldn’t see far enough down the road to go any faster. I did eventually get there, and I was a bit early too, so that was fine. When I got there, they said that it hadn’t rained there at all, which is nice considering that the weeding was outdoors. It was a beautiful ceremony at Villa Antonia and the couple faced the sunset. It would have been a bit unbearable had the clouds not been there to block the direct sunlight. Afterward, I spent most of the time talking to Chad and Lana, as well as Amanda, Melea, and her boyfriend. A bit of a surprise that Melea was not engaged yet, but I get the feeling that it will not be too much longer. I wonder if the guy realizes what kind of a girl he has there. I am sure he does. Time will tell. It is worth noting that many of the girls were a bit different at the wedding. I suspect it is one of those “where is mine?” and “who will he be?” kind of things. It is still fun to tease them. Nathan and Andrea also sat at the table, but I think it is interesting to note that I said more to Melea, Chad, Amanda, and Brady each than I did to Nathan. He just seemed completely disinterested in talking with me. I had asked if he wanted to carpool up to the weeding, and he called back declining saying that they were going to make a date out of it. I get the feeling that I am going to see extremely little of him over the next several months, and then less after that.

Fire has been interesting as of late. I decided that I am going to implement AppleScript into it. It has been slow and tedious, but it is getting there. Most of it is just hooking up existing functions. Oh well, I will get to done at some point.

Anyway, that is good enough for another post. Hopefully it will not be so long until the next one.