Another week

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Friday, July 16, 2004

Well, it has been another week since I have written here. Brian’s visit was interesting. I think the most interesting to see was how much he had changed after working out in the real world. Reality has set in and he has to do things like get up early and actually go to work. What a concept. It almost makes me scared of leaving and going out into the real world. It was fun to ride with him in his bright yellow vet though.

I haven’t done much over the past week other than coding. I guess I like architecture design too much. I redesigned a lot of the architecture in Fire over that past week. Now I am slowly cleaning up the mess, but it works, which is nice. It will be a while until it is up to par with the next released version, but I should think it will be interesting.

Recently this stupid bird has started making noise all through the night. I am starting to get tired of going out there and shaking the tree in the middle of the night. I may device a remote control for a firecracker and put it in the tree so I can hit a button and scare the bird off. We will see how much of an additional nuisance it becomes.

Until next time.