Getting work done

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Saturday, June 5, 2004

As a result of the fact that no one is in town, I have actually started to get some work done. Lately though, I have been burying myself in fire development because the other developers are just as available now as they were before the semester ended. I think that things may be changing as far as friendships go, and I may have to start re-evaluating some of my friends. Time will tell there.

Research is going well. My advisor asked me to run some speed tests on the network processor code. This will be a bit of a challenge because the stupid PC I have at work sort of, can barely handle the network load. My laptop, I think, can handle it better, and it is 2 years older. Guess you get what you pay for.

Tomorrow may be an interesting day. After church, I may go out and watch Erin in her ultimate tournament. It is going to be by the polo fields. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Then she can pick up her stuff that is still here.

Matthew has contacted me about a business investment. There is some risk in it (what investment doesn’t), but it could be worth trying. Interest rates are so low that if the thing is successful, it will be significantly better than what I would get in a savings account. This is something that will require more investigation. Ugh, sounds like material straight out of that INEN class. That class was useful, but I think the material was far too little for a 3 hour class. Oh well, easy A.

Looks like another restful evening. I may go running (like I have thought for the past several evenings). I have eaten early enough this evening that I shouldn’t have too much trouble. We will see how far I can make tonight. I may target the MSC and back, I don’t think I can make the rec until I get back into a regular schedule.

I suppose this is enough for one evening. Maybe I should start telling people about this blog ;)